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  Jun Long Machine Industrial
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▉ About Jun Long Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.
Having devoted to R & D for years, we are a professional manufacturer of mixers and peripherals. We launch at least one new product each year. In addition, we have been specialized in developing assorted machinery for specific purpose to supply global customers, such as the whole plant equipment for disposable dinnerware. Offering products with the best quality and patents by many countries, we also accept orders for special sizes. OEM is welcome as well.
▉ Main Product :
various powder/liquid mixers (for food, chemical, cosmetics, medicine industrial use), heating mixer, intensive mixer, food/chemical mill (for food, chemical, cosmetics, medicine industrial use), metering/weighting system design, any kind of machine for a specific purpose, electrical control design for whole plant equipment of environmental protection tableware, oil pressure shaper for environmental protection tableware
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