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FDA All pour powder Mixer

Product Features:
1. No material remained in the bottom of barrel.
2. The powed con't remain in the barrel.
3. It can even the materials within 3-5 minutes.
 Applicable Scope
1. Powder mixing in Food, Chemical, Cosmetic,
Medicine industry.
1. Simple On/Off switch, 1-99 minutes timer.
2. This machine is all polished.
Model Capacity Input capacity Mixture weight Power Rotate speed Size
(L x W x H cm)
Weight Platform material Note
FDA20 25L 20L 10kg 1/2HP 25rpm 80x40x80 60kg 白鐵/SUS304 o
FDA50 65L 50L 30kg 1HP 25rpm 150x80x120 100kg 白鐵/SUS304 o
FDA100 125L 100L 60kg 2HP 25rpm 150x90x120 120kg 白鐵/SUS304 o
FDA200 250L 200L 120kg 3HP 25rpm 200x110x150 160kg 白鐵/SUS304 o
* We allow order above 200(Liter). o : Output funnel attached.  
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