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RHS Vertical liquid heating mixer

Product Features:
1. Steam is cycled by spiral for better heating effect.
2. The machine is jointed inside and outside.
The surface is polished to reduce remaining materials.
3. The process is controlled by PLC program.
Temperature is controlled automatically.
4. The upper cover is controlled by oil pressure.
 Applicable Scope
1. Food, chemical, cosmetic, medicine
Each kind of liquid hight tempearture heats up.
1. 1-180 minutes timer.
2. Liguid cryscal temperature control.
3. The top cover use the flowing tubing head pressure jacking system.
4. This machine is all polished.
1. Pneumatic ball valve.
2. Inverter transducer.
3. Automatic weighting system.
4. Cooling system.
Model Capacity Liquid input Barrel diameter Barrel height Moter power Oil pressure power Size
(L x W x H cm)
Weight Platform material
RHS-50 65L 50L 45cm 50cm 1/2HP 1/2HP 90x50x120 200kg 白鐵/SUS304
RHS-100 125L 100L 55cm 60cm 1HP 1/2HP 105x60x120 250kg 白鐵/SUS304
RHS-200 250L 200L 65cm 75cm 2HP 1/2HP 115x70x135 280kg 白鐵/SUS304
RHS-300 375L 300L 75cm 80cm 2HP 1/2HP 125x80x140 350kg 白鐵/SUS304
RHS-400 500L 400L 80cm 90cm 2HP 1/2HP 130x85x150 400kg 白鐵/SUS304
RHS-600 750L 600L 90cm 100cm 3HP 1/2HP 140x95x160 480kg 白鐵/SUS304
* We allow order above 600(Liter).  
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